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For Home Colon Hydrotherapy
Will be launched November 20, 2019


Meet us at the Toronto Whole Life Expo on November 8, 9, or 10, booth #97, for a demonstration of the new Enema Recliner Chair. The first 100 customers to pre-order the chair will receive a $100 discount and a an Abdominal Massager.

Enema Recliner Chair

Clean the colon in the comfort of your own home
Fits all size washrooms
Adjustable reclining position
Height adjustable
Weight capacity up to 300 lb

Get fit with 2 in 1 recliner chair

Strengthen your core muscles Improve your posture

The Enema Recliner Chair can also be used as an exercise bench for performing weight-bearing and stretching exercises.

Performing weight-bearing exercises on a regular exercise bench for lengthy periods can increase the pressure on the lumbar region of the spine and the sacrum. Most people already spend too much time in a sitting position in front of a computer screen, TV, or on a cell phone. Additional time spent in a sitting or lying down position for exercising puts extra pressure on the sacrum which can lead to the development of sacrum or tailbone pain. Many people avoid performing weight-bearing exercises for this exact reason - tailbone pain. The front opening of our chair allows you to perform lifting or stretching exercises without sitting on the tailbone or buttocks. The chair is also allows performing exercise in sitting or lying down position. The chair is very stable allowing one to lift weights and stretch various parts of body. If you have any pain or back issues, consult with your doctor or physiotherapist before using the chair.


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