Enema Recliner Chair Launch

For Home Colon Hydrotherapy will be launched November 20, 2019

You no longer need to travel and pay the high cost of multiple hydro-therapy sessions at a clinic or spend your time to clean your bathroom after each enema administration.  Save your money by easily performing your own colon hydro-therapy sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home with our new Enema Recliner Chair. It is comfortable, easy to use and hygienic.  The chair has multiple uses including an exercise bench which allows you to perform lifting and stretching exercises.

Reserve your chair now by pre-ordering and save $100.

 For full prepayment, you will also receive the following accessory:

The memory foam pelvic support pillow to provide maximum comfort during the enema administration and while exercising.

The Enema Recliner chair will be demonstrated at the Toronto Whole Life Expo on November 8, 9, and 10 at booth #97. The first 100 customers will receive an Abdominal Vibration Massager. This will help massage the colon during the colon hydrotherapy which will promote the elimination of toxic waste.