About Samsonosong

Samsonosong Corporation develops and markets innovative wellness products. Our goal is to bring consumers the best possible cost-effective solutions that support their wellness and health into the future.

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Samsonosong started in 2019 after developing their first product, a home colon hydrotherapy chair. It has received a patent and patent pending protection in several countries. The team, led by Olga Samson, successfully brought this product to market.

Samsonosong continues to be innovative in developing new cost effective wellness products while continuing to market their existing products in various countries.

Leadership Team

Olga Samson, Founder

Olga Samson is the founder of Samsonosong Corporation.  She received her diploma in building construction technologies and started her career as a quality control engineer in Russia.  After moving to Canada and having three children, she became a stay-at-home mom.  While caring for her children, she became interested in holistic wellness and natural healing methods.  She earned a diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and started Wellness Journey Place, which later included a wellness center where she could share her wellness knowledge with others.  Her experience in technologies and natural wellness was pivotal in her invention of the first Samsonosong product, a home colon hydrotherapy chair.  Her passion for wellness motivates her to continue to bring new product ideas and methods to the wellness industry.

Sharon Denomme, Co-Founder and Director

Sharon Denomme is the Co- Founder and Director of Samsonosong Corporation.  Sharon obtained a general Bachelor’s degree through studies at the University of Toronto and later the Dalhousie University while raising her two children and working in the insurance industry in various roles, many of which included procedural documentation.    As a Group Benefit Consultant, she was responsible for maintaining and growing a block of business through sales.  During this time she earned several diplomas in the insurance field.  Out of interest in natural allergy healing methods, she also earned her diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and subsequently became certified as a BASE Allergy Therapist.  She went on to study at the California College of Natural Medicine where she obtained a certificate for the completion of professional training in NeuroEndocrine & Anti-Aging Regulation.

While continuing to work in the insurance industry, Sharon joined Wellness Journey Place as a volunteer, assisting in the documentation for the wellness center.  Her insurance writing, management and sales experience along with her wellness knowledge and volunteer experience at Wellness Journey Place made her a good fit for Samsonosong Corporation, which she joined in 2019.

Tarasenko Vadim, Engineer & Product Design

Tarasenko Vadim received his degree inPhysics Engineering in Ukraine.  He has experience in designing complex engineering systems.  While continuing to work as a lead engineer in his home country, he joined our team in 2019 to assist in product development.  His strong computer knowledge and excellent writing skills have been a big asset in helping to bring Samsonosong’s first product to market as well as assisting in creating its marketing material.