Why It’s Important to Clean Your Colon

Until someone is diagnosed with a disease related to the colon, such as constipation, colitis and cancer of the large intestine, discussions about the colon are typically avoided.  In some cases, is too late to treat the colon and people lose this important organ.  As a result, other organs in the body can deteriorate resulting in symptoms and diseases.

It’s now well known that the biggest colonies of parasites are located in the intestinal tract. There’s an extensive lymphatic system in the intestinal tract, which absorbs poisons, toxins, and decay products. If the intestinal tract is dirty, all toxins can gradually be absorbed into the blood stream, lymph, and interstitial fluid doing further damage.

Hippocrates said that “All disease begins in the gut”.  While traditional doctors are not trained based on this theory and therefore most do not’t treat a patient believing the gastro-intestinal tract is root cause of disease, some doctors do and their practice has repeatedly confirmed Hippocrates statement to be true.  In Dr. Jensen’s book “Guide To Better Bowel Care” he explains how an under-active condition of the elimination organs can influence the development of illness and disease in the body.  In his book he mentioned how Dr. Lane, the English surgeon in the19th century, spent many years specializing in bowel problems.  He began to notice a peculiar phenomenon. During the course of recovery from colonic surgery, some of his patients experienced remarkable cures of diseases that had no apparent connection to the surgery. For instance, a young boy who had arthritis for many years and was confined to a wheelchair, entirely recovered from arthritis 6 months after having colon surgery.  Another case involved a woman with a goitre.  When a specific section of her bowel was surgically removed, she had remission of her goitre within six months’ after surgery.

How is this possible?  It can be explained as follows:

The intestinal tract is one of the key organs of the human body, through which all food passes and acts as a place for certain processes of digestion.  The intestinal tract harbors different bacteria, which are involved in the final link of the digestive process and produce a number of essential vitamins, hormones and other nutrients necessary for the normal vital activity of the body.  The toxins, developed as a result of poisoning of the intestinal tract, can disrupt the process of synthesis of these important substances or completely stop it.  The average person can live with up to 2 to 12 kilograms of dry fecal matter in the colon. This fecal matter is full of toxins that poison our bodies.

Rotting feces create an alkaline environment that promotes the growth of pathogenic bacteria.  It is known that in the process of protein decay, methane is formed, which destroys B vitamins.  People start to take synthetic vitamins, or nutritional substances. All these substances are also involved in the process of digestion, and again get into the dirty intestines, combined with toxins which are absorbed through the intestinal walls back into the circulatory system, causing damage to the whole organism.  Due to the toxins and lack of necessary nutrients, the body loses its protective function, which leads to the formation of various diseases.

We list only the main diseases that can arise in the body due to malfunction of the rectum:

  1. Constipation arises because of build-up of old fecal masses on the colonic walls, which narrow the anus making regular excretion difficult and small in amount.  Fecal matter is overexposed in the intestinal tract, poisoning the entire body.
  2. Headaches, chronic migraines.  These occur due to the poisoning of the body with toxins, which penetrate into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, including the brain.
  3. Cardiovascular diseases.  Toxins through the intestinal walls are absorbed into the circulatory system, and some of them lodge in the walls of blood vessels, which leads to their narrowing.
  4. Depression.  Intestinal tract synthesizes B vitamins and also serotonin – the hormone of joy.  A serotonin deficit can lead to depression.
  5. Arthritis arises due to the exorbitance of salts in the body and their accumulation.
  6. Allergy.  When the function of the intestinal tract is impaired, food is poorly digested as it is not broken down properly.  The body then reacts to it as foreign material by way of sensitivities or allergies.  An allergy is a reaction of the body to everything foreign and poisoned.
  7. Women’s health.  Cleansing the colon has beneficial effects on a woman’s body.  It is known that women, who clean their colons before pregnancy, do not have toxemia and in this case, the fetus is healthier.  Colon cleansing also has really important effects for the course of menopause.  It reduces negative effects, such as hot flashes and irritability, resulting in a more stable mental outlook.
  8. Chronic diseases.  The intoxication of the whole body by huge amounts of fecal masses destroys the body’s natural defense against diseases.
  9. Oncological diseases.  Due to contamination by toxins, there’s a risk of cell mutation, which can precipitate the cancer.
  10. Liver diseases.  The liver absorbs and excretes toxins in the bile.  When the amount of toxins become excessive, bile enters the intestinal tract.  As a result, the functioning of the liver and intestinal tract is disrupted and such dysfunction leads to medical problems with these organs.

What is the way out?  There’s only one way – cleanse your colon!

Colon Cleanse Methods

There are many ways to do achieve this goal; we list them with a brief description:

  1. Relaxants.  At first glance, this way is very simple – you administer a pill and go to the bathroom.  But there are also disadvantages.  The most important – this method worsens the intestinal peristalsis.  As a result, after some cleansing of intestinal tract, the person faces another problem – a weakened peristalsis leading to constipation.  In addition, potassium is flushed out of the body.  Also, relaxants will not help to liquidate the old dry fecal masses stuck onto the colonic walls.
  2. The administration of dietary supplements. There are the same disadvantages as we mentioned above, because some supplements can be classified as a relaxant also.
  3. A diet rich in dietary fiber is a common recommendation for constipation.  The acclaimed miraculous effects of it are based on the fact that dietary fiber swells in water and pushes fecal masses from the colon.  However, the old dry fecal masses can’t be excreted.  After dietary fiber administration we analyze the amount of fecal masses and think “Well, there’s a good result!”, but we are mistaken.  In this case the swollen substance (fiber) with newly formed feces is excreted from the body, but not the old dry fecal matter which is still stuck to the colon wall, especially when one is dehydrated.  In general, dietary fiber is healthful, of course, but, like with other dietary supplements, only moderate consumption can bring the benefits.  Excessive consumption leads to gas formation and bloating, undigested food moves along the digestive tract, reducing the level of nutrient absorption by the intestinal walls.
  4. Cleansing with a water enema.  Traditional medicine does not promote colon cleansing with enemas as many doctors insist the intestinal tract is self-cleaning.  If this were the case, then why have so many people lost their intestinal tracts due to inflammatory and cancerous diseases?  Instead of having their own intestinal tract, they now have to use expensive colostomy bags for the rest of their lives.  We have to keep in mind, the reusable cheap enema bag and water used in water enemas do not bring the same significant financial benefits to the commercial industry that disease, testing, surgery and drugs do. 

Nature itself has created water to clean up everything dirty.  It is an excellent, safe solvent that effectively, under a little pressure, thoroughly washes away all feces and toxins from the most secluded places of the colon walls.  You can clean your colon with pure water, or, for example, with a herbal extract, which will wash toxins away and supply your intestinal tract with useful substances.  Therefore, for the majority of people, colon cleansing with an enema is a reliable and safe way to exclude toxins from your body and thus help your immune system.  We believe it is the first step to healing your body.